Our Services Offered

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Deep Steam cleaning,” as it is commonly called, has the following advantages: The high heat kills bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites, making it the healthiest way to clean carpet.

Low Moisture Cleaning

The method of using a Dry compound, encapsulation or bonnet to clean carpets which puts less stress on the carpet and greatly reduces the drying time.

Upholstery Service

Our upholstery cleaning service will deep clean and restore your upholstery to a brilliant clean. Our unique system uses a low moisture solution to safely clean both synthetic and natural fabrics. Optical Brighteners in our cleaning solution enhance the richness of your upholsteries color, giving your fabric a brilliant appearance. And our fast-drying process allows you to put your upholstery back to use in just a few hours.

Stone, VCT Strip & Polishing

Whether it be Flagstone Travertine or Limestone, our system is safe for all tile types.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our intensive cleaning uses a heated vapor solution to deep clean and restores even the toughest floors. Our High-Pressure Extraction System can focus on individual grout lines to restore your floors brilliance and luster. This state of the art cleaning system uses a combination of intense heat and high-pressure extraction to remove even the toughest buildup. Superior technology ensures the best results possible.

Hardwood Floor
Cleaning & Polishing

Using a method of sand less scrubbing of the hardwood floor to take out scratches and scuff marks than applying either a satin or high gloss finish.

Organic Cleaning Solutions

Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures which are designed to preserve human health and environmental quality.

Rug Cleaning Service

Wool and natural fiber area rugs require special attention. Our process uses a special low moisture solution to deep clean your area rugs and enhances their natural beauty. Our In-home service gives you a brilliant cleaning right in your home! Our low moisture cleaning is safe to use in your home and is excellent at giving you a professional cleaning without pickup and delivery charges. Most rugs are cleaned within 30 minutes.

Pet Stain Removal

Our exclusive treatments eliminate urine deposits deep in your carpet. Our enzyme producing treatment can remove both stains and offensive odors, leaving your carpets fresh and sanitized. In severe cases, we can also treat the padding under the carpet.

Drapery Cleaning

Our Exclusive Dry-Mist cleaning system deep cleans drapery without the need to remove the drapery from the window. Regardless of fabric type or length, we can give you professional cleaning results right in your home. Avoid all the extra fees other companies charge for removing and delivering your drapery.


Our special cleaning mist is a gentle odorless mist that we apply to your drapery during the cleaning process. After a few minutes, the drapery is completely dry with a brilliant clean.

OMG (Odor, Mold, Germs) Sanitation

Our OMG Sanitized process does a better job in less time using a spray/mist system that literally touches every square inch of the facility with a unique hydrogen peroxide process.


It helps to know that the treatment uses an EPA registered, biodegradable solution that leaves no toxic residue. And, the misting process does more than remove odors. It sanitizes all surfaces, strips allergens from the air, kills mold and mildew, and neutralizes chemical residue. So, not only are the odors eliminated, but the indoor air quality is clean and healthy.